About Us

NovuSafe was founded in 2016 and specializes in vulnerability, exploit and security R&D. We are a small, young company based Tel Aviv, with over 20 years combined experience in the IT security industry. Our team members are experienced professionals who have worked for established and global IT security companies for many years. Our backgrounds range from Malware analyzation, cybersecurity, Anti-Virus development and smart technology.

What we offer:

  Transparent, real time PC diagnosis. We confidently ensure 100% accuracy with an in-depth analysis of your PC.

  Smarter, faster and lighter technology. Our download, install and Scan is the fastest in the industry. 

  Around the clock customer service. Our customer service representatives are currently only available via email, but ensure quick response times. 

  Comprehensive protection from security threats. NovuSafe sole purpose is to protect and give piece of mind to our customers while browsing the web.

Why Choose NovuSafe Software?


Years of trial and error have made us tougher, wiser and more efficient at locating and extracting Malware. We’re able to detect faster and protect stronger.



NovuSafe is powered by the leading Anti-Virus engine. This allows us to provide a larger scaled response to cyber threats, while collecting and analyzing new data.  NovuSafe can now identify more malicious files with our advanced Virus Database and monitoring system.



Customer Service

Have a question? Contact us anytime without hesitation. Our agents are standing by to assist with whatever issue may arise.